A group of establishers of "Analytical Center of National Consciousness" strives for fulfilling the project "Along the Literary and Missionary Notions ".
The goal of the project is to investigate the planet residents¢ relations towards the literary and missionary notions (maxims, aphorism, proverb and etc.), it means to learn and put into practice the abilities in actions, rules of activities and methods distributed and enacted in conscious of any resident of the country - in order to develop social view and preserve other positive tendencies.
The goal of the project is to propagandize the notions expressing positive activities received from different regions of the world and make them dependable to the National consciousness on the basis of properly combined literary and missionary notions.
As well as to strengthen the atmosphere of mutual understanding and mutual confidence in society , to from and develop the abilities for showing resistance against critical situation and poverty, also the skills for unmasking and exterminating corruption, to overcome the problem of drug addiction.
To publish and distribute informative papers made up on combined ideal or pragmatic views, also cognitive and analytical magazines; and other informative and cognitive production.
Dear friends, we apply you for the hope of future collaboration.
Please, send us the literary and missionary notions forming positive tendencies in your nation, country and social life, and the models of methods in practical usage or rules of activities described in the notions.
Complete (Absolute) views - to complete social relations…
The responsible people for fulfilling the project are as follows:
Janri Gogeshvili - Coordinator
Vazha Kubusidze
Jemal Chelidze
The representatives of "Analytical Center" and "Internet-Analysts" will participate into project fulfillment:
Janri Gogeshvili - Georgian Writer (prose-writer, publicist) , born on the 31 January 1946, received high education, finished the faculty of library science and bibliography; married.
He is considered to be the member of General National Union of Writers of Georgia, 1968, the establisher and co-chairman of the Writers Association "analytical center of National Consciousness", the author of the works on psychological and social subjects (stories, humoresques, tales, novels, plays, publicistic letters, verses…) He published 9 collected prose-stories: "Refugee from the land of dreams" (collected stories), publishing house "Merani", 1982. "Heir", (collected stories), publishing house "Nakaduli", 1984. "Mimikria" (satirical and humorous collected stories), Library of "Niangi", 1984 plays, Ministry of Culture of Georgia, 1985. "White Wall" (novel), publishing house "Merani", 1987, "Iogobana" (satirical and humorous collected stories), Library of "Niangi", 1990, "Day breaker" (two novels), publishing house "Merani", 1991 "love Crematorium" (novel), publishing house "Kidevats Daizrdebian", 1995.
His works are characterized by acute plot, deepness of great aspiration towards concealed world, creating or forming social justice, searches, investigations aimed at complete human abilities.
He speaks Russian and Georgian (mother tongue) fluently, English with the help of dictionary.
At different times he worked as an engineer of society engineering, chief technologist at factory, electric-crane machinist at seaport, typist in printing house, manager of rural club, director of Museum of Local lore, Watchman, head of group of actors in Dramatic theatre, he worked as an editor-in-chief at Advertising Agency, director of publishing house…
He leads social activity. He made and partially fulfilled the project "Group of supporters striking for peace". The goals of the project were enlargement of creative and defensive skills in adults.
The project strives for revealing aspiration and negative resemblance for own profits by the groups of the similar intentions under the same political sign, in order to liberalize the resistance provoked artificially. It supports the settlement of the problem peacefully, strives to form permanent "Modus Vivendi" for achieving mutual understandings in multiseparated society.
As well as the flourishing of traditional Georgian Orthodox Church…
It recognize the following Postulate-Human being is the son of his own country and universe…
Address: 380 102, Georgia, Tbilisi, Gldani district, N6 micro district, N1, N38 flat Gogeshvili Janri.
Phone: 68.78.54

Vazha Kubusidze

Unfortunately?! - It appeared that I was born in the Soviet Union (and Georgia was the part of this Union under compulsion!). It is unpleasant coincidence that my birthday - the 14st of January 1937 was the period of people killing, of turning the several languages into one tongue, of destroying and burning the churches, of boiling the various nations and cultures into unique Soviet people and it was the period of thousand misfortunes. But on that date was only one pleasant thing - the 14st of January in Georgia is considered as the old style of New Year.
In purpose of life-saving I married (I have a wife, a daughter and a son), I used to dream on saving and raising of Georgian church and of course I was busy with philosophy; It happened that in 1962 I graduated from the Tbilisi State University (at that time it was the only University in Georgia) philosophy faculty. It also appeared that in 1963-1964 I passed all determined subjects for thesis and during 1963-1976 I worked in two Institutes at the same time - at the Pedagogical Institute after A.Pushkin and at the Institute of Foreign Languages after I.Chavchavadze. At both Institutes I taught philosophy disciplines. I also graduated from the Teachers Training High Courses of Moscow and Kiev. Then in 1976-1979 I worked as a scientific worker in Tbilisi Institute of Philosophy of the Scientific Academy. I wrote the thesis that was published together with selection scientific works of the Institute of Foreign Languages, but because of several reasons I could not maintain it. In 1979-1991 I was the scientific-editor in the main editorial Committee that was the subordinated organ of the Georgian Union of Writers. I founded the newspaper "Irao" where I worked as the deputy of editor. But I "saved" myself by the other method. I did not write any line for the Soviet Empire and its serves. (Now days all these nothing means to anybody but I will be proud of my behavior till the end of my life).
I published five lyrical selections of poems - "Poems" (Georgian SSR, 1979., "Merani", 1981., "Nakaduli", 1983, "Nakaduli", 1988, "merani" 2001), I also published four selections for children (Clock, "Georgian SSR", 1977, The high Obrod "Nakaduli" 1977, What about are dreaming by the 8th of March, "Georgian SSR", 1981, Everything has happened that never happened before "Nakaduli" 1984). I have also published several books from the "Russian small anthology for children".
(Horse-tly by Kornei Chukovski, "Nakaduli" 1983, Poetry tales by Samuel Marshak, "Nakaduli" 1987, Poetry tales by Kornei Chukovski, "Nakaduli" 1987).
I have translated and published in press the works by: Tiutchev, Zakhoder, Krivin, Sarto and others.
Thanks God that all these better remembers others and these others are my "small" or "adult" readers.
At the time I am the member of the General National Union of Writers and the founder of Writers' Association "The analytical center of national consciousness".
Address: 380092. Georgia, No 4 of Ratevani alley the 1st.
Phone: 61.35.64
My full name is Jemal Chelidze.

I was born on the 21st of June 1938, in Tbilisi. I was born in the family of the office-workers.

In 1956 I finished school and in 1970 I graduated from the Institute.

I know two foreign languages English and Polish. I defended my candidate's degree in Georgian and Polish literature.

I've translated the best novels, poems and drams from Polish and English into Georgian. Though mainly my translations are from Polish language.

From English I've translated Bernard Show's plays and one of them was staged on the drama theatre. I've Translated Longfellow, Tomas Moor and other's verses, and Dail Karneg's well known book "How to win friends and influence people".

From Polish I've translated the famous Polish writer, dramatist and publicist Tadeush Rujevich. Among his verses and plays, which I've translated, is his well-known play "Card Index" (Kartoteka) which is staged in Majanishvili drama theatre. Many theatres staged as well the play of Peter Vais "Marat-Sadi" my translation.

At the present time successfully goes on the stage of Film Actors Drama theatre Ernest Brill's play "Vespers".

I've translated as well Bogdan Drozdovsky's novels, Children's rhymes and tales and other.

Jemal Chelidze
Phone: 37.37.63

Dear Friends, please reply!

We expect absolute news.

Union - "Analytical Center of National Consciousness" .

Project - "Along the Literary and Missionary Notions".